Open Letter To Doctors And Dietitians:

As a dietician, your patients rely on your insight to help guide them to a healthier lifestyle. Recommending a dietary chef service is a natural extension of the services you offer, and will be seen by your patients as a thoughtful recommendation.

The recommendation of a dietician is something a patient will appreciate, and will factor heavily in their consideration of a chef service. .

As the service continues, we will cooperate with you to keep the customers' dietary profile up to date. If the customer's health needs change, we will recommend a consultation with you to update their dietary guidelines - which will then be incorporated into future menus.

This is the best arrangement for the customer, as this communication ensures that their nutritional intake continues to keep pace with their nutritional needs.

If you feel this service would be a worthwhile addition to your practice, please contact me at to arrange a meeting.

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