Low-Fat And Low-Carbs Selections

I can create and teach your staff delicious low-fat and low carbohydrate meals , surpassing any expectation.  Even at the finest  restaurants, the low-fat  selections are typically restricted to salads, grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, which isn't  bad...but did you know that your customers
can have Fettuccine Alfredo, Homestyle Pizza and a wide variety of seafood?  Not pale imitations, but full-flavored recipes that would tempt anyone to break their diet,  well now nobody has to!

Exotic Seafood Dishes

Colossal stuffed shrimp; Fritto Misto, Zuppa Di Pesce, Lobster Newborg, Clams Oreganata (the list goes on),again, not pale imitation, but full flavored.  You can  offer sizes to fit your customers' appetite instead of a "one-size-fits-all" menu. (And yes, you can even have Fish-N-Chips)
Fun And Nutritious Children' Menu

Children are the world's pickiest eaters, and pleasing them with nutritious, healthy foods is a big challenge. Even simple meals like burgers and fries, pizza, and ice cream can be made healthy and tempting. Some foods can be made in fun shapes, too.


Tempting desserts can be  also prepared low fat: Tiramisu, Home Baked Apple Pies , Rum Cakes,  Cannoli  and other pastries.

Contact Me

Please contact me at chefmariaboston@yahoo.com to arrange a meeting, or for more information on my writing, teaching, or consulting services.