Writing Experience

Author of Knack Italian Cooking, an Italian Cookbook published by Globe Pequot
Available on Amazon.com

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, cooking classes for Boston University.
Instructor, Connecticut Culinary Institute, where I taught gourmet hobby classes in several areas of cooking.
Instructor, demonstration classes at Wild Oats, a natural food market in West Hartford CT.
Instructor, cooking classes for Berlin Adult Education.
Instructor, cooking classes for Manchester Community College
Instructor, cooking classes for Bristol Adult Education


Owner and operator of Spesa Restaurant, a fresh pasta restaurant in Bristol, CT.


Scuola Media (Private High School):  Filippo Smaldone, Via Vito Lembo
Salerno, Italy
Prominent subjects:  Italian, French, Latin and Vulgar Latin

Liceo Linquistico (School of Languages):  Kennedy, V.L. Guercio,
Salerno, Italy.
Prominent subjects:  English, Latin, Greek, Italian and Vulgar Latin.

Executive Secretary Program:  Briarwood College, Southington, CT.
Prominent subjects:  Law, English, computers.

University of Hartford:  West Hartford, CT.
Prominent subjects:  Advanced Popular English

1993- 1994
Graduate:  Culinary Studies (chef), Connecticut Culinary Institute,  West Hartford CT.

Contact Me

Please contact me at chefmariaboston@yahoo.com to arrange a meeting, or for more information on my writing, teaching, or consulting services.